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about the Treasure Hunters Guide
In 2005 the Melbourne Treasure Hunter's Guide was launched with resounding success. To follow up this fantastic publication we've launched the Sydney version in 2006 to ensure secondhand shopping in both your favourite cities is no longer a wild goose chase. You'll find the Guide a handy glovebox companion on all your shopping outings.

Hundreds of shops reviewed
Public transport info, parking & Street directory references
Appraisals of the quantity, range & quality of stock
Handy locality maps to plan outings
Interesting facts and shopping tips
Indexed alphabetically and by area

Where to find it!
The THG is available in all good bookshops. You can also order it by mail through RAK Press. Download, print out and fill in the mail order form here, then post it together with your payment to:

      RAK Press
      PO Box 2934
      Fitzroy Vic 3065
Delivery will take 2-3 days from receipt of payment.

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latest updates & appended information
News 18/09/06 - Sydney edition OUT NOW!
The brand new Sydney Treasure Hunter's guide is now available to buy. If you can't find it in a shop, contact us directly to order by mail.

See what other people have been saying about the Treasure Hunters Guide:

"I set out to find Melbourne's best op-shops with tales of unearthed treasures in mind. I've heard about the guy who bought an old National Geographic magazine from the Salvos for 50 cents and sold it at auction for $5000. Or the 1960s Pucci dress salvaged from an op-shop for $12, valued at $1800...    Kristie Montagu (with Richard Lawrence and Fiona Dalwood), the authors of the first book to list and rate all of Melbourne's op-shops and second-hand emporiums assure me these are real stories. Then they give me a list of their top 10 op-shops and I pick three to put to the test. "
The Age Newspaper -   Follow your nose, July 12 2005

"Two enthusiasts have just spilt the beans on your local op-shop... But unlike those who guard the addresses of their favourite Aladdin's Caves jealously, Montagu has decided to turn her hobby into a book."
The Age Newspaper -   First-hand knowledge, June 9 2005

"If you're a hunter gatherer who refuses to embrace our disposable society, this book will turn your hobby into an obsession...   Three intrepid locals have scoured more than 300 Melbourne op-shops and secondhand emporiums to write the Treasure Hunter's Guide. Braybrook is worth checking out and Sally's thrift shop in Ringwood gets a rave review, but stores in Eltham and West Meadows are ho-hum and Hawthorn is no place for bargains, the book says."
The Herald-Sun -   "Treasure trove", Tuesday June 28 2005, CityStyle pg.3

"Damn, you found my secret favourite op-shop"
- C.K.

"I  just wanted to drop you a line, having bought your book yesterday and having had a good look through it. It's a wonderful effort, as I had been compiling lists of second-hand stores myself, which you've saved me the trouble of completing. (I had just bought a wall map and some pins to start working out efficient routes). I have been a second-hand videogame collector for the past five years. Sad to see some of the stores I thought I alone knew about were in the book."
- J.F.


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treasure tales

Tell us about the time that...
you found that Wedgwood saucer tucked behind the Tupperware section, the dusty little painting you brought home that your curator mate swears is a genuine Boyd, or the handbag your mum took home from the shop only to discover it was full of cash. We love a good yarn, and are hunting down your stories too! Be sure to include as much information as you can, and your name (& contact details) so we can credit you in the Guide if we use your story.

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